Economic Independence: It’s complicated

Economic Independence: It’s complicated By Nina Herriman, Chief Storyteller Wicked. Choice. Sick. I don’t know what word young’uns these days are using to describe things that are cool. (I thought about asking my nieces and nephews but they’d probably think it’d be fun to prank Aunty Nina with nonsense words.) NCW’s 2015 white paper, Enabling … Continue reading Economic Independence: It’s complicated

Ignorance is not bliss – context is everything

When I was a kid, they told me girls can do anything, and I believed them.  I still do.  That career as a top gun fighter pilot?  Still on the cards.  Every time I score a try at touch rugby, part of me waits for that call from Steve Hansen.  (Narrator: Nina never scores a try at touch rugby.) Despite a lifetime of very honest feedback from my family on my musical abilities, I’m certain I could make it as a rock star .