Gender Equal NZ, led by the National Council of Women, ran an award winning Gender Attitudes Survey with Research NZ in late 2017.

In August 2018 the Gender Attitudes Survey won a platinum Research Association award in the Infotools Community Advancement Category. Find out more here.

The survey tested attitudes around gender roles – in the household, at school, at work and in the community and has given us a snapshot of where we’re at in New Zealand on gender.


The good news is most New Zealanders recognise gender equality is a fundamental right for all of us. But we are seeing a pocket of New Zealanders that hold outdated and old-fashioned views when it comes to gender stereotypes and roles.

The results show there are some strong ideas about what girls and women can do and be, and even more about what boys and men “should” be like – and what makes a “real man”.

Gender Equal NZ wants all New Zealanders to question ideas about “real men” that get in the way of men being Good Guys – with good relationships with their kids, partners, friends and everyone else.

Find out more about Good Guys.

View our Good Guys infographic.

View the full Gender Attitudes Survey.

View Research NZ’s report on the survey.

Benchmark your organisation’s gender equality record against that of New Zealand society

We have a unique opportunity for you to apply our survey in your organisation and get a true reading on your staff’s views about gender equality and other related issues.

Compare your staff’s views by site, department or division, and/or position role, as well as against the New Zealand average.

Applying the survey is simple via an online platform, managed independently by Research New Zealand.

Your staff can be assured 100% that they will complete the survey on an anonymous basis and that they will not be identifiable in any reporting. Reporting of the results is via a user-friendly e-reporting tool. If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact

We wish to thank the JR McKenzie Trust for supporting us to deliver this important work.