Do you think equality is reality?

Discrimination can be more subtle than it once was. We see it in our everyday interactions, with subtle gender inequality being revealed in attitudes and assumptions. For some, gender inequality is more obvious.  For all of us, the job is not done.

Did you know that where NZ once led the world in gender equality, we’ve now slipped to be ranked 6th? With the worst reported rates of sexual and domestic violence in the whole OECD it’s no wonder really.

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Our members are leading the charge in making equality, reality by standing up against sexism and gender stereotyping.

Our members are starting conversations to highlight these attitudes and assumptions – it might be pointing out how damaging a sexist “joke” can be or calling out stereotypes when they hear them. They’re sharing information online and starting and joining conversations on our Facebook page.

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We need all New Zealanders to understand the inequalities that exist in our country. We must stop looking the other way and tackle the ways deeply entrenched and widely-held social attitudes are driving growing inequalities in our communities

The Gender Equal NZ movement is growing. Join us – make equality, reality.