Our Chief Storyteller has written a blog series about why and how we’re using data to tell stories about gender inequality. Links to the full blogs are below, but here’s a quick summary.

People often say that data and statistics can be confusing and difficult to understand. So the Dashboard presents data stories which make the issues clear and straight-forward, to highlight where gender inequalities exist.

It is a tool for advocating for gender equality – for audiences with all kinds of comfort levels with data.

We are not presenting raw data on the Gender Dashboard. Instead we are showing users what the data means, how the data connects and placing it within a narrative arc.

For purposes of the Gender Dashboard, we’re seeing four parts to a data ‘story’:

A short statement of the issue

Contextualise the data with something ‘human’

Further information about what the data means for all women in NZ/ the particular group the data is about

A ‘call to action’ – what can audiences do about the issue

More about the Gender Dashboard

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