We want you to use the data stories from the Gender Dashboard to help us make equality, reality for all New Zealanders!

You can share the images direct to your social channels, or share the link in emails and messages.

You can use the data stories to: 

  • Spark your own stories – and share what the data means to you in your everyday life.
  • Assist in telling stories about gender inequality in the media, or to support a discussion you’re having on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Support workshops or presentations that you may run to highlight issues of gender inequality.
  • Provide information in submissions to parliament, local councils, or other regulatory bodies.
  • In funding applications to support the work of community groups.
  • And we would love to see these stories helping to highlight areas where New Zealand needs to take action!

The legalities 

Most of the images in the Gender Dashboard are published under Creative Commons By Attribution.

This means that you can use anything in the dashboard as long as you acknowledge the source: Gender Equal NZ led by the National Council of Women.

Some of the images are published under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives which means that you can reuse them but you can’t make any changes to them.

Some of the images are copyright and are used with permission. You should contact the authors if you wish to use these images.

You should also acknowledge the sources of the data used in the data stories.  These are included at the end of every data story.