Gender Attitudes Survey

Our national Gender Attitudes Survey, is a snapshot of New Zealanders knowledge of, and attitudes towards, gender equality. This comprehensive, ongoing survey will be repeated regularly to allow us to measure shifts in attitudes over time.

It will highlight attitudes which create inequality, help us prioritise the areas that need most attention, and keep us all accountable.

The survey will be used to start conversations with all New Zealanders about what we need to change to make equality a reality. It will also support our demands for policy action on gender inequality. The results of our first survey will be shared later this year.

Gender Equality Dashboard

The Gender Equal NZ Dashboard will be an online tool to monitor the progress we are making as a country on gender equality outcomes. It will collate the latest data, and hold us to account, in the four key areas of inequality: safety and health; economic independence; education; and influence and decision making.

The Dashboard will be the go-to reference for advocates, policy makers, the media and decision-makers on exactly how we’re tracking on gender equality outcomes in New Zealand.

We will have more information on the Dashboard in 2018 – stay tuned!

Gender Culture Taskforce

We want to influence social norms around gender by starting with the place most New Zealanders go to for information – the media. The Gender Culture Taskforce will be made up of media industry leaders, researchers and journalist training and regulatory bodies. It’s mission: create change in how the media represents all genders.

The media is just the start. This programme will go on to tackle all sorts of different areas of inequality.

We will have more information on the Taskforce in 2018 – stay tuned!